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Blue pottery a timeless art form

´╗┐Jaipur, the well known city of Rajasthan is also famous for its production of unique Blue pottery, which is considered to be a traditional art form of this city. It is so named due to the attractive blue color of the vessels, created through this art form.
Khurja pottery is originated in Khurja, a small town of Bulandshahr district in Uttar Pradesh and it is famous for the production of beautiful ceramic potteries. These potteries are unique due to their beautiful colors and designs.

Pottery is an ancient craft of India, where thousands of artisans make their livings by creating different kinds of earthen vessels. But Blue pottery of Jaipur is believed to be introduced in India from Turkey or Persia, through the people accompanying the foreign invaders.
Similarly, the art form of Khurja pottery is also believed to be brought to this country by the Egyptian artisans, accompanying the Afghan invader Taimur Lung or through the Mughal rulers. Both these art forms could traced back to Central Asia, where several Mosques and other buildings still bear the ceramic tiles, made from these pottery forms.

Unique procedure of creating the Blue pottery items

This pottery form is unique because no clay is used here. Instead of clay, powdered quartz stone, finely grinded glass, Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth, borax powder, gum and water are mixed together to form the required dough for creating the pottery items.
Some people also use Sodium bicarbonate, locally known as ‘Saaji’ and a typical powdered gum called Katira gond in this dough of Blue pottery. This dough is left to rest for half a day, before it is put on the required molds in limited quantity, as per the demand of the molds.
Once, the shapes of the molds are acquired, this molded dough is left to be dried for at least two days. Then, they are polished with bass stone, sandpaper and water; as well as further passed through a mixture of powdered quartz, powdered glass and water, for the final finishing touch. These vessels are decorated with various intricate designs with a mixture of cobalt oxide and gum, leading to the unique blue color, Very low fire is used while making these pottery vessels for 4 hours and left to be cooled down, before sending to the market.
Various kitchen jars, bowls, vases, cutlery stands and cups are made with this pottery form and these artifacts are mainly adored worldwide for their glazed appearances in unique blue colored designs. You can find a wide variety of Jaipur blue pottery online.

Beautiful ceramic vessels of Khurja pottery form

The small town of Khurja is particularly famous for its ceramic pottery industry, where a huge number of artisans still continue creating various crockery items, tiles, sanitary products, electrical fixtures and other various household vessels or plates. All these ceramic goods are also exported to various countries of the world. Khurja pottery vessels are created from the mixture of quartz powder, Kaolinite, balls of plastic clay, potash feldspar, Bikaner clay, Kundan clay and fire clay. You can find a wide variety of khurja pottery online in various colours, shapes and styles.
Sometimes, sodium feldspar, Zinc oxide, zirconia, Barium carbonate and chromium oxide are also used; as per the requirements of the designs of the vessels. All these ingredients are acquired from different parts of India, for turning into eye-catching ceramic pottery items.

Live green protect environment

´╗┐Green living, living organically, helping to save our environment is a way of life that should be implemented into every aspect of our daily

Here today my friends, I really like to share some of tips and strategies for going green, helping to stay in balance with nature and to decrease your carbon footprint. Green living, living organically, helping to save our environment is a way of life that should be implemented into every aspect of our daily routines.brbrCarry reusable bags, with you anytime you shop (you can buy them almost at any grocery store) not only is it environmentally friendly but how many times have you had one of those darn plastic bags break on you and all your items go rolling all over the place, breaking some of your items and bruising your produce. My personally love to go shopping with foldable shopping bag whether in a supermarket or a plaza. Alternatively use the plastic grocery bags as trash bags for small cans. Some stores will take bundles of plastic bags for recycling.brbrElectrical appliance with low energy consumption. Make it habit to switch off the light and fans regulate the temperature of your AC or heat when you leave your house Always buy energy star appliances when purchasing new appliances. Make use of CFL’s and light saving devices to save energy and natural resources.brTry to buy glass bottles instead of aluminum cans or plastics when buying beverages or other food items. Recycle your glass jars to help the environment and over load in landfills - (store leftover in them instead of toxic plastics containers). The very same idea with recycle storage bag that can reduce the usage of plastic material made products.brbrWhen a bulb burns out, replace it with a compact fluorescent light, if size permits. These last far longer and use much less electricity than regular incandescent light bulbs. You can use 120W replacer at Costco. They only use 23W and work TERRIFIC! And they last 5 times longer than a standard 2000 reflector! They are VERY bright. You may want to use only a couple in the room, as they may make a difference!brbrLive Green, to leave a greener sky for our next generation.brbrRelated web site: this site